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About DeVon-Popart

DeVon was born in Hollywood , CA in 1968 eight months after the tragic death of his father, a young ambitiousfilm producer. His Mother, a singer, left hollywood with the family and relocated to the Bay Area where she remarried. After some time the family moved again to a small rural town near Park City, Utah.

There, DeVon excelled in classical and jazz music and received a scholarship to college in Music.

However , After commercial success screen-printing fine art design combined with dada poetry on T-shirts for rock concerts and specialty stores he changed his degree to visual arts.


During DeVon ‘s academic career in painting and drawing at the University of Utah he gained the attention of The Dean of Fine Arts who sponsored him to customize an innovative bachelors degree called Arts Promotion.

This degree would ensure his commercial career through specific business and marketing courses that led to an internship at the curator’s office of the Supreme Court of the United States. He pursued extensive studies abroad of art history and language in Europe where he became fluent  in Spanish, French, and Italian. Upon graduation DeVon continued to collabrate with other artits and promote their work through managing and owning galleries in Beverly Hills. Laguna Beach, Carmel, San Francisco, Park City , and Aspen. He has lectured in Academies of Art in Russia, France, Italy, China and South  America.