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About Thomas- Moving Sculptures

“Moving Sculptures” by Thomas is a collection of 3D sculptures created around a style of kinetic Art called Op Art, which creates an optical illusion of movement. As you walk towards the seemingly flat sculptures they loom out at you, creating a disorientating, 'moving' experience. kinetic Art can be traced back to Impressionists like Monet and Degas who tried to express human movement in their paintings.

Thomas believes that each “Moving Sculpture” should be considered as a unique statement and be evaluated for its visual effect alone. His work is defined by his manipulation of perspective and our spatial perceptions. He starts by designing a geometric shape that interprets his creative vision for each theme.

He then creates each unique handmade sculpture by firstly hand crafting and hand assembling the three-dimensional shape from wood. Various creative art techniques and mediums are then hand applied to each individual sculpture to create extraordinary optical illusions that present new visual experiences.

Thomas is one of only a few artists in the world who have mastered this unique technique.

Thomas is an artist from the West Coast of the US who spends most of his time travelling around the world, visiting the major museums for inspiration and ideas for future work. He combines his artistic talent with his mathematical expertise to produce these unusual “Moving Sculptures”.

He is strongly influenced by pop art, graffiti and surrealism.

Thomas is constantly challenging our perceptions


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