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NY-9/11- 10 years later...W Broadway/Chambers Street nyc- Formaat 100x70 cm incl zwarte Kaderlijst

Guy van Grinsven-Fotograaf
De wand is 300 cm hoog. De maximale printhoogte is 150cm.

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HEDEN EN VERLEDEN BEELD VLGNS HET \\\\\\\'DEARPHOTOGRAPHY\\\\\\\'“ PRINCIPE TOEGEPAST IN DE BEELDEN VAN 9/11 VAN 10 JAAR GELEDEN IN COMBINATIE MET HEDENDAGSE SITUATIE. HET INEENSTORTEN VAN DE ZUIDELIJKE TWEEDE TOREN VAN HET WTC IN NYC IN COMBINATIE MET DE IN AANBOUWZIJNDE NIEUWE TOREN OP GROUND ZERO. I just had to be in New York this week,” says prize winning Dutchphotographer Guy van Grinsven. Ten years ago, on 9/11 at 10 a.m., he hadplanned to visit the Windows on the World on top of one of the WTC-towers.On television in his New York hotel, he saw how the Twin Towers wereattacked, so he immediately set out to cover the unfolding events with hisfilm and photo camera’s. His telling images were widely broadcast andpublished in the Netherlands and abroad. Only later did he realize he hadjust barely survived. Had he decided to go to the Windows of the World onehour earlier, he would not have lived to tell his story.Today, ten years after 9/11, Guy van Grinsven returns to exactly the samespots in New York where he took the pictures on that fateful day, holdinghis original 9/11 picture in one hand. Thus he creates, in the present, awindow on the past. For a brief second the two worlds meld together, butat the same time they show how much has changed in those ten years betweenthese two moments frozen in time. “More than anything else I wanted tocapture the resilience of the New York population, their determination notto surrender to terror, and their willpower to lead the lives they want tolead,” says Guy van Grinsven.[for editors only: a short and rough version of Mr. Guy van Grinsven\\\\\\\'soriginal footage of his 9/11 film can be viewed For an extensive version of thisfilm, please contact 2011.104772 Mr. Van Grinsven. He stays in New York till September12th and can be reached at telephone # + 31 6 531161333 or]

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